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          Design is all around us. It shapes our experience with everything we use, interact with, or play. What makes those interactions fun, useful, or engaging? How can we design systems to allow users to get the most fun, the most enjoyment, the greatest payoff? How do we provide the best value for the user’s investment of time and energy?

          在游戏设计文学士 可帮助您创建引人注目的交互系统 - 从复杂的用户界面,以抛光游戏和应用程序。除了丰富的设计课程,你会深入钻研心理学,通信和用户体验的眼睛各具特色的强大经验。


          Do you find yourself not only enjoying games but thinking deeply about them as you play? Are you the kind of person who feels compelled to ask, ‘How would I make this even better?’ 该 BA in 游戏设计 program is for creative-minded students who are deeply curious to understand the behavior and psychology behind games and eager to learn the skills and methods for designing fun and engaging interactive systems. Throughout the program, students spend a significant amount of time prototyping, testing, and rapidly developing many different game ideas, all while studying a diverse range of topics. If you like the idea of constantly putting yourself in the player’s shoes and skillfully blending the mechanical, spatial, and narrative aspects of the game experience, then the BA在游戏设计 program may be a good fit for you.


          • 原来设计的游戏和应用程序


          • 学习如何快速原型你的想法


          • 从各种镜片研究人类行为




          • 系统设计
          • 关卡设计
          • 用户体验(UX)设计
          • 叙述性设计
          • 技术设计
          • 用户研究

          In the first two years, you’ll take introductory courses in all six aspects of design. By the start of your junior year, having learned about each track, you’ll select two specialization tracks in which to pursue your advanced design studies. Throughout the program, you’ll also take coursework in cognitive psychology, scripting languages, economics, and communications, as well as a sampling of courses involving math, art, music, and basic computer science as they relate to the work of professional designers. On top of this, you’ll collaborate with your peers — and across disciplines — on a series of semester- and year-long game projects.



          该 BA in 游戏设计 program is ideal for students with a strong foundation in writing, communications, and psychology. In addition to all the standard admissions requirements for undergraduate students, your application to the BA在游戏设计 program must also include a design portfolio that demonstrates your prior creative work and the processes used to make it.




          • 游戏设计与开发包括游戏机制和历史,设计文档,脚本和编程,2D和3D关卡设计,角色设计,游戏测试,界面设计,产品管理和团队游戏项目的实施。
          • 人文艺术,包括写作,心理学,电影,音频,建筑,绘画,2D和3D艺术,学习先进的主题在这些方面的选项。
          • 基础数学和科学课程包括脚本语言,数学和物理的基础知识。



          We’re bringing a few of our students together for an informal online chat and Q&A catered to your needs on Thursday, September 17, 2020. 你是否有自己的一些具体问题,或者只是想听到的是把他们带到这里的唯一路径,问digipen龙群聊可以给你看里面的招生,bet356,日常生活中,多从的角度来看你未来同行。


          周四,2020年9月17日 - 下午3:00

          Our students have searched for schools, gone through the application process, and found themselves a home here at DigiPen. 该y are excellent sources of the exact kind of experience and information that you may be looking for, so we’ve decided to bring a few of them together for an informal online chat and Q&A catered to your needs.




          Multidisciplinary team projects make up a core component of the BA in 游戏设计 curriculum. As a student in the program, you will work with your classmates on a series of original game and interactive media projects that will allow you to gain firsthand experience in contributing your design expertise while working as part of a larger creative team. These projects serve as a primary avenue for exploring your interests in game mechanics and systems, compelling narratives, and seamless user experiences. 该se are just a few examples of game projects that BA在游戏设计 students have worked on.





          Game design is a broad term that can encompass many unique job types. In general, a game designer works to create and refine the interrelated systems that make up a game playing experience, from the mechanics of combat in a fighting game to the complex menu navigation in an online RPG. 该y often work closely with engineers and people from other disciplines to implement and fine-tune their design concepts.


          A level designer is typically responsible for designing the individual missions or stages of a game, including the spatial arrangement of maps and locations. In addition to relying on their well-honed intuitive senses, level designers must also rigorously test and iterate on their designs by incorporating user feedback.


          该 work of the user experience (UX) designer can be seen across many industries, from games to business to museums and more. A UX designer seeks to make a product or experience more satisfactory and accessible for the end user, whether the end result is an intuitive mobile phone app or a more streamlined in-store checkout system. To get there, the designer will rely on a large set of tools and responsibilities, including user research, paper prototyping, wireframing, and usability testing.


          • 游戏设计师

          • 用户界面设计师

          • 用户体验设计师

          • 游戏编剧

          • 技术设计师

          • 系统设计

          • 关卡设计师

          • 内容设计师

          • 遭遇设计师

          • 追求名牌


          • 首席设计师

          • 创意总监

          • 导向器


          • 制片人

          • 项目经理

          • 作家

          • 技术文件撰稿人

          • 编辑

          • 艺术家

          • 技术的艺术家

          Group photo with the 16 members of DigiPen student game team Nuclear Lunch


          Iron Man flies through the sky with his fist at the ready.


          In-game screenshot of rusty, silver buildings splashed with colorful graffiti.









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